’s Top 10 Technology Stories of 2014

Here are the 10 most-read technology stories published on in 2014:


How Effective Is the Ice Bucket Challenge in Raising Lou Gehrig’s Disease Awareness?

By Jayson Flores
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been flooded over the past two weeks with an onslaught of #IceBucketChallenge videos. Participation is very simple: Pour ice water on yourself and film it within 24 hours of receiving an invitation, or donate $100 toward ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) research. Read the full story.


Michelle Phan: Getting Turned Down for a Job at Department Store Beauty Counter Launched My Career

By Michelle Castillo
Adweek spoke to YouTube sensation Michelle Phan about her rise to fame from starting out as a beauty tutorial vlogger to becoming an international businesswoman, working with brands like Dr Pepper and L'Oréal. Here are some more interesting tidbits we learned about Phan. Read the full story.


Brands Try to #BreakTheInternet by Jumping on Kim Kardashian’s Nude Cover Photo

By Garett Sloane
Kim Kardashian's derrière was too much to resist today, as everyone including brands tried to break the Internet by commenting on her famously curvaceous backside. The star posed nude and slicked in oil for Paper magazine's winter cover. The publication clearly aimed to provoke an online storm—even including the words "break the Internet" under the star's naked picture. Read the full story.


US Airways Tweet Shows Nude Woman Using Model Airplane as Sex Toy

By Christopher Heine
Brands and Twitter sometimes make strange bedfellows. But when US Airways decides to screw the social media pooch, it doesn't toy around. Read the full story.


Michelle Phan Sued Over Music Rights: How Will Brands and Influencers React?

By Michelle Castillo
Makeup guru Michelle Phan, one of YouTube's most popular publishers with over 6.7 million subscribers, may have the vast influence that can give brands the exposure they crave. But that hasn't stopped electronic dance music label Ultra from suing her for allegedly using its music without the proper license. Read the full story.


Big Brands React to Luis Suarez’s World Cup Biting Incident

By Lauren Johnson
In the moments after Uruguay soccer player Luis Suarez apparently bit Italia's Giorgio Chiellini at the end of an exciting World Cup game today, Twitter exploded with often comedic buzz—and the funniest consumer brands won the moment with real-time tweets. Read the full story.


5 Funny Tweets at Brazil’s Expense During World Cup Embarrassment

By Christopher Heine
There's no crying in World Cup soccer, unless you want to end up a meme. Brazil fans lamented an epically bad first half—down 5-0 midway in the match—in its semifinal 7-1 loss to Germany this afternoon, and social media's amateur comedians were out in full force to have fun with the unexpected rout. Read the full story.


Jerome Jarre Unlocked the Secrets of Mobile Marketing

By Garett Sloane
Jerome Jarre is sitting in the front row of this year's MTV Video Music Awards, catching all the action and instantly turning it into content via the video sharing app Vine. For the big night, he labels himself "the VMA creeper," recording the stars as they perform, his alternately grinning, grimacing face right there in the shot. Read the full story.


Mark Zuckerberg Has the Perfect Comeback to a Troll Accusing Facebook of Exploiting Ebola

By Christopher Heine
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg today announced his company will partner with Unicef to fight Ebola, and it will bring Internet connectivity to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to bolster medical efforts. Additionally, he showed how his social site is giving users a way to donate to the cause. Read the full story.


How One Guy Wooed 2,000 Women on Tinder

By Garett Sloane
Blake Jamieson is trying to digitally play his way into women's hearts, and it might actually be working. The aspiring content marketer applied a little branding to his profile on Tinder, the hot-or-not-style dating app, and said he's now matched with more than 2,000 women. Read the full story.