Adweek Radio: Keeping Fit While Staying at Home

Remaining active is key to getting through quarantine

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Dianna McDougall
Headshot of Joshua Rios

With most of us still stuck at home, we have a good amount of free time on our hands. People have picked up various new hobbies like making bread and solving puzzles, gardening and meditating.

A recent survey by pop culture site Nerd Bear also found that 35% of respondents were using their free time to work out more. So in this week’s episode of Adweek Radio, we’re taking a look at the fitness industry in the time of quarantine.

Plus, a bonus interview with Adweek’s senior art director, Dianna McDougall, on how she’s staying creative amid, well, everything.

You can listen to the podcast here on Adweek, or on your podcast player of choice.

@joshochos Josh is a video producer at Adweek.