Adweek Kicks Off ‘Next Tech’ Series on the Jobs and Platforms You Need to Know About Now

Monthlong coverage takes deep dive into the future of marketing

Walker: Damon Casares; Illustration: Carlos Monteiro

With marketing technology shifting into overdrive, brands and agencies not only are struggling to keep apace with the latest audience targeting tools, but also face the challenge of finding the talent to actually manage them.

At Adweek, we take our mission to heart, serving you with insights and analysis to make you smarter and help you work faster. Or, more pointedly, do your job better.

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To that end, there’s a lot of talk these days about CRMs (customer relationship management), DMPs (data management platform), AI (artificial intelligence) and AR (augmented reality), to name a few.

In other words, there’s a lot to sort through. And Adweek is here to help you navigate the changing tides.

Beginning with this issue—and over the course of the next four weeks online and in print—we’ll take a deep dive into the future of marketing. Specifically, looking around the corner to see what’s next in tech, zeroing in on how advances in marketing will open new doors for businesses and the people that run them.

First up in our Next Tech series, Adweek contributing writer Matt Kapko identifies the next generation of coveted marketing jobs and how to land them. Featured on our cover, Bevel founder Tristan Walker shares with technology editor Christopher Heine how he built a custom cloud to help grow his burgeoning grooming empire. Senior editor Lauren Johnson spoke to former Forrester Research analyst Sarah Epps, who segued to Facebook as director of product marketing. Also, be sure to check out what it takes to become a hologram retail display designer.

For cloud computing newbies, staff writer Marty Swant lends a hand with the basics, including just what the difference is between ad tech and mar tech.

Wedged in between our digital coverage (we’ll also feature mar tech in our weekly Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad podcast), our Aug. 7 issue will take a look at the hottest platforms marketers are obsessing over and where they see that technology heading in the months ahead.

Finally, on Aug. 22, we’ll be hosting IBM digital chief Bob Lord, who made the move to mar tech from AOL. He can’t offer you a job, but, like Adweek, he’ll be there to help you position yourself to find one.

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This story first appeared in the July 24, 2017, issue of Adweek magazine. Click here to subscribe.

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