Advice to the College Student Wanting a Magazine Gig

Let’s begin this post with a warning. If you’re a current college student pinning all your hopes and dreams on working at a magazine once you graduate, you most likely will find yourself very disappointed. With the rise of digital, there are so fewer mag jobs available. And, even in the magazine world, you need to understand what works online.

With that being said, some of you still probably think you can beat the odds and find one of those coveted spots, writing once or twice a month.
Today, at the Periodicals Training Council (PTC) Academies and Industry Forum in London, Matt Swaine, an editor at Trail magazine laid out some advice for those looking at magazines as a future career goal.
Online Journalism Blog summed up Swaine’s advice with four sections. Here are a few of the points made by Swaine.
1) Understand Design – Visualizing what a story looks like on magazine page before it’s written will help the process of producing the material.
2) Learn Digital – Learning digital’s weaknesses as a platform for telling a story, as well as magazines’ strengths will help the college student understand how to differentiate the material on the web and on the page.
3) Know the Magazine – When interviewing, make sure you understand what readers the magazine aims to target.
It’s great to see a magazine editor putting so much focus on Web content. Maybe you college kids have something with wanting to work on a magazine, as long as you worry about digital first.
Photo by: Zitona