Advice to HTC & Its Windows Phone User Interface Meddling Plans: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!

Forbes’ article title gave me a queasy feeling.

HTC: We Will Customize Windows Phone 7 Over Time

Here’s my holiday message and advice to HTC: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Windows Phone 7 may not be burning up the sales channels. But, it seems to be doing ok. People like the native Windows Phone 7 graphical user interface and how it works. So, why do you, HTC, want to mess with it? Even TechCrunch writer and iPhone fan MG Siegler has nice things to say about Windows Phone 7’s interface.

An iPhone Lover’s Take On Windows Phone

I’ve experienced your (HTC) UI overalys on the old (2009) TouchPro2 running Windows Mobile 6.1. I couldn’t stand it and tried to turn as much of it off as possible. However, it seems like pieces of your UI meddling prevented an untainted Windows Mobile 6.1 experience (which is pretty reasonable on other devices).

While you’re at it, HTC, don’t mess with Google’s native Android OS experience either. I like that GUI too.