Advice for Fashion Brands: Branch Out to Reel Them In

Digital experts speaking with WWD say that fashion brands need to take their efforts beyond those who already visit their websites regularly. Now, they should focus on getting their content placed elsewhere on the Web in order to attract new customers and drive traffic to their branded sites.

“The whole purpose of branded content is to engage the consumer where they live, which is on Facebook, blogs and more, and to put that content primarily on the branded Web site is speaking to the already converted,” said Quynh Mai, founder of Moving Image & Content, a digital agency that works with Yves Saint Laurent, Shiseido, and other brands.

Lots of brands are already taking that advice.

Uniqlo has launched the UNIQLOOKS 2011 Summer Contest that invites contestants to submit a picture of their favorite Uniqlo outfit on Facebook. The three looks with the most “likes” will win a trip to a Uniqlo flagship store in Paris, London, Tokyo, and other major international cities.

Bergdorf Goodman, the high-end retailer, is looking for a new model through a partnership with Lucky. The Facebook campaign follows a separate online Fendi design contest.

And Louis Vuitton has partnered with the Chinese check-in app Jiepang for its exhibit at the National Museum of China.

Yesterday we reported on a Kickstarter project that would bring a Fashion Week of young designers to New York’s Lower East Side. Both fashion veterans and newbies are more actively embracing digital outreach methods.