Advertising & Marketing: It’s All Just a Little Bit of History Repeating


By way of Airbag came this interesting article that’ll serve as a nice follow-up to that previous post. It’s from UX Magazine and entitled “Get Ready for Retro Marketing.” It serves as a response to all of these new forms of advertising and marketing, from the massive drive to blogs, internet video-ery, sneaky cool hunting, that eventually the old adage becomes true, that everything old becomes new again. Here’s some:

Advertising is not as dead as some would think, word of mouth is not the singular answer and blogs are not the only way to go forward.

For all the new ideas being presented in order to find the front edge of the envelope, it is worth noting that the timeless wisdom of the likes of Peter Drucker, Napoleon Hill and Nelson Rockefeller remain highly effective. Follow the teachings of any of these authors today and you will still find success.