Advertisers Will Soon Be Given Access To Twitter’s Ad API To Post Large Volumes Of Ads

Reuters is reporting that Twitter will soon open up its advertising API to brands who want to automate and publish ads in bulk.

Reuters cites two sources familiar with the situation as explaining that as early as Q4 of this year, advertisers will have access to Twitter’s ad API. They’ll be able to use this API to “deliver large volumes of ads on Twitter.” As with most new features on Twitter, this will initially be rolled out to a small group of test advertisers before being offered to everyone.

As it is now, an advertiser has to talk to a salesperson from Twitter in order to set up an advertising campaign. By opening up its API, Twitter will allow advertising clients to self-serve their own ads, setting up as many in-stream Twitter ads as they want, on the fly.

So what does this mean for advertisers? And for consumers?

Well, advertisers can expect a much smoother process for purchasing and displaying Twitter ads in the future. Being able to do it yourself will also likely entice more advertisers to give Twitter’s Promoted Products a try, so expect some more competition for highly sought-after keyword phrases and trending topics as well.

On the consumer side of things, this obviously means more ads will be appearing in your timelines. If advertisers are more easily able to buy Twitter-based ads, you can bet that they’ll buy more of them. And this is in line with the recent news that Twitter would be expanding its Promoted Tweets visibility soon.