Advertisers Salivating Over iPhone

diehard.jpgThe folks at Land Rover and 20th Century Fox believe the iPhone offers never-before-seen marketing opportunities. A new AdAge report says that results of iPhone-specific tests from both marketers indicate that the device’s graphics and range of applications open up possibilities for marketers and their target audiences.

“Land Rover, seeking new ways to reach its affluent target for the launch of its Range Rover Sport, ran a campaign on the iPhone that allowed consumers to quickly connect with the iPhone-exclusive Google Maps page providing directions to the nearest dealer or make a phone call there,” the article said.

Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment tested a campaign for the release of the “Live Free or Die Hard” DVD, which consisted of photos, trailers and other video created specifically for the iPhone. We covered this launch several months ago, in fact, though at the time the big news was that the studio included a free digital mobile copy of the movie in the DVD package. At any rate, the AdAge article mentions that the iPhone-Die Hard campaign also tied into the iPhone’s Google Maps application with directions to the nearest retailer.

Could IPhone Up Mobile-Marketing Stakes? Land Rover, Others Think So [AdAge]