Advertisers Can Now Deliver Mocked-Up Ads Directly via Facebook Creative Hub

Facebook is also testing new tools to enable advertisers using Creative Hub to optimize their creative work

Facebook introduced its Facebook Creative Hub at last year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and the social network used the 2017 edition of Cannes Lions to roll out two new features for it.

The social network said in a Facebook for Business post that it is testing new tools to enable advertisers to optimize their creative work, adding:

Advertisers are still learning exactly what will and won’t work for them when trying to capture attention on mobile—so experimentation is a vital part of the creative process. These new tools will let you test your ad creative and get actionable insights based on results from real users.

Our first tool in this set will provide a snapshot of video results, giving advertisers the insights they need to optimize their creative based on real metrics. For advertisers interested in effective storytelling, testing video creative is the best way to make sure it’s perfect for mobile feed.

Facebook also announced that Facebook Creative Hub users can now deliver their mocked-up ads, in real-time, directly via Facebook Creative Hub, adding:

Creative teams are responsible for flawlessly delivering final assets to their media partners. This new feature allows them to mock up and deliver complete Facebook and Instagram ads to media agencies using a single tool.

This feature improves teamwork between media and creative groups and reduces the steps needed to deliver final assets (say goodbye to zipped files and emails). The result is a low friction experience with less room for error. Advertisers can deliver their final work—no rebuilding required—and simply click to publish.