Advertisers Abandon ‘News of the World’

Murdoch-owned paper charged with hacking missing girl's phone

Two businesses are reportedly reviewing their advertising relationships with the British tabloid News of the World in response to revelations that newspaper had hacked the cell phone of a missing 13-year-old girl who would later be found murdered. 

The energy firm Npower became the first business to comment on the new round of allegations, according to The Guardian. "We note the concerns which have arisen on the back of fresh allegations of phone hacking against the News of the World. We are currently reviewing our options," a spokeswoman told the paper.

Ford U.K. was less equivocal in its condemnation of the Rupert Murdoch-owned paper, which has had other recent legal problems involving cell phone hacking. The company said it would be pulling advertising indefinitely from News of the World, saying it will rely instead on "alternative media within and outside News International Group."

A website has also recently been launched to facilitate those wishing to direct their fury at the firms who advertise through the News of the World. With the click of a mouse, irate readers can automatically tweet their concerns to advertisers such as the Co-operative, WH Smith, EasyJet, Butlins, and Renault.

"Dear @VirginMedia," reads one such pre-penned tweet, "will you be reconsidering your advertising spend with #notw given that we now know they hacked Milly Dowler's phone?"


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