Adventures in Marketing: Doctor Who Turns 50


Instagrammer JediShywalker totally got the hair and suit colors right, but are her cookies as cool as her Doctor Who jack-o-lantern?!

And now that we got you to click, here are some of the promos tied to the big 50th anniversary “Day of the Doctor” special:

Google’s doodle was a game:


Monopoly made a version:


The Tardis toured Welsh castles:


The ExCel London Convention Center made a weekend of it (via Chris Radburn/PA Wire):


YouTube and the BBC partnered for a simulcast event, hashtag #SavetheDay:

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 3.22.24 PM

The Royal Mail created a bunch of stamps (don’t worry, Harry Potter postage haters; they’re not American so they can’t be “un-American”):


And this K-Pop fan feed did the weirdest tribute we’ve seen:

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 3.34.19 PM


We now return to not really understanding what the big deal is about this show, but we promise we’ll watch a few more episodes on Netflix soon.

(H/T to The Drum)