Adventures in Marketing: Authentic Greek ‘Brogurt’

Note to anyone pushing a yogurt that defines itself as “Powerful” and promises to help you “find your inner abs“: we hope, for your own sake, that you’re in on the joke.

Thankfully, Powerful Yogurt CEO Carlos Ramirez seems to get it. He has no problem with people who call his product sexist, explaining that “We made a product with a guy in mind” because Muscle Milk is kinda gross. He admits that the whole idea is “a marketing stunt” specifically designed to polarize audiences–the fact that certain kinds of people, ahem, hate the campaign will only make their boyfriends love it that much more!

The best part about this revolutionary product? It’s freaking yogurt. There is absolutely nothing that distinguishes it from any other brand in your dairy aisle except packaging and marketing. And oh, the marketing.

Powerful claims to help manly men:

  • Build muscle (Powerful has more protein than the average yogurt because the serving sizes are bigger)
  • Burn fat (because it has, like, calcium or something)
  • Improve digestive health (we’ve all heard this one)
  • And increase fertility (because the mineral zinc supposedly increases sperm quality)

Oof. The company’s agency forced it to take the sperm claim down because it was completely ridiculous–and Ramirez sounds more than a little bit like that famed used car salesman that everybody loves to hate. But he does have something approaching a point: yogurt really is almost always marketed to women.

And hey, at least he got the Men’s Fitness endorsement.