Adventure World Is Facebook's Fastest Growing App

Zygna's newest game, Adventure World, enjoys an explosion in growth that knocks The Sims Social from the top spot in our weekly ranking of the fastest growing applications on Facebook.

Zygna’s newest game, Adventure World, enjoys an explosion in growth that knocks The Sims Social from the top spot in our weekly ranking of the fastest growing applications on Facebook.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDAUMAUWeekly Growth
1. Adventure World3,421,78133,157,90611,515,754
2. The Sims Social9,805,81365,171,6274,822,447
3. Static HTML: iframe tabs3,141,47659,996,1854,261,827
4. 60photos226,26515,336,0272,044,468
5. TopFace463,40110,569,4341,710,100
6. MyCalendar – Birthdays1,077,02017,180,3891,483,908
7. Spotify1,205,2825,767,3181,359,377
8. fbpotterapps.com77,6481,280,1281,265,725
9. Bubble Witch Saga481,6591,438,683899,678
10. Profile Report Card39,6571,540,562794,928
11. Write Your Name In Fire Alphabet82,726799,922764,765
12. Airport City289,6011,557,798755,224
13. 21 Perguntas267,6223,346,912704,596
14. Static HTML Iframe Tab: Custom Icons102,9482,956,703653,970
15. Report Card60,8771,469,506605,263
16. Report Card Pick-Up 201184,090641,528586,971
17. Coco Girl247,3451,225,544532,493
18. The Guardian65,998728,528531,027
19. Social Empires645,7407,028,066467,332
20. schoolFeed238,5042,763,312466,930


Zynga’s latest hit Adventure World sends you on a number of quests, and manages to take a skyrocketing leap forward. The game leads with a 11,515,754 weekly growth total.

The social gaming app also successfully manages to oust the tough rival now found in second place – The Sims Social. The Electronic Arts game increased by 4,822,447 players.

Quite a few newcomers manage to find success on this week’s list. tallies 899,678 new social networkers trying out Bubble Witch Saga; the game sends users on missions to break evil spells and has a solid first showing in ninth.

Three places behind, 6wave’s Airport City has 755,224 new players constructing airports. Metrogame’s Coco Girl sends 532,493 shoppers on an imaginary spending spree, for a 17th place week.

By accomplishing a 467,332 comeback tally, Social Point’s Social Empire to reappear as the 19th fastest growing application.

Page Creation

Making a home out of the third position yet again, Static HTML: iframe tabs end by collecting a pages built and view total of 4,261,827.

The competition – Static HTML Iframe Tab: Custom Icons by Woobox – is found in the distant 14th spot, although; a 653,970 is certainly a noteworthy rally for the page building tool.

Just For Fun

Friskylab’s 60photos is sitting pretty in fourth; 2,044,468 new adds give it another consistent showing. MyCalendar — Birthdays improves by amassing a 1,483,908 increase that jumps the app three places to sixth.

Posting scenes from Happy Potter seems to have become a hit, and appears in 8th place, nabbing a 1,265,725 growth total.

The overly simplistic premise that is found in its name does not stop 764,765 application users from adding Write Your Name In Fire Alphabet, putting the app in 10th place.

The lone question application that in this week’s ranking, comes in 13th place, as 704,596 curious minds added 21 Preguntas.


For dating and online chatting on the social network, TopFace seems to be taking a stand as a hot spot for the singles out there. The application was added by 1,710,100 people, putting it in fifth place on our list.

It will be interesting to see whether schoolFeed can succeed as the school semester continues into the fall. The group project helper is on thin ice in the final position, and a 466,930 growth increase leaves it falling three more spots compared to last week.

Facebook Connect

Spotify ends the week in seventh place, down one spot from its debut last week in sixth. When all is said in done, 1,359,377 more synched accounts added to the flow of music selections showing up in people’s news feeds.

The Guardian‘s new Facebook edition has captured more attention than any of the other publications that debuted their own social media editions at the same time; as 531,027 people added the U.K. publication, to put it in 18th place.

Report Cards

Giving you a basic grade on friend counts to status update totals, Profile Report Card leads what appears to be a new trend in applications,with a 794,928 weekly growth total — and that’s inclusive of people who’ve reported technical issues with the app.

Report Card is very similar in its features but ranks lower, at 15th place with 605,263 installs.

In 16th place is a spammier alternative: Within seconds of submitting a request in Report Card Pick-Up 2011, a photo post will appear tagging ten completely random friends. The app got 586,971 Facebook new users this week.

For more details on the apps in this week’s chart, be sure to check out the detailed statistic tool that we use to compiles the rankings.

Readers, did you find yourself hooked on any of this week’s fastest growing applications?