Adventure Time Puzzle Quest Offers Match-3 Battles on Mobile

The match-three puzzle battle game sees players completing quests in the Land of Ooo as Finn, Jake and others.

D3 Go! and Cartoon Network have announced the release of Adventure Time Puzzle Quest on iOS and Android devices. Developed by WayForward, the match-three puzzle battle game sees players adventuring through the Land of Ooo, completing quests for the Ice King, Princess Bubblegum and the Flame Princess.

In Adventure Time Puzzle Quest, each quest is broken into multiple turn-based battles, allowing gamers to take three team members into battle against a team of enemies. Only players manipulate the actual positions of symbols on the board, but enemies can trigger negative effects on certain symbols. For instance, rats will climb up the board, causing damage if they reach the top (they’re cleared by making a match with their current symbol), while fiery tiles will cause damage to each party member until they’re cleared, and so on.

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest 2

Making matches with four or more matching symbols will create special power-ups capable of clearing whole rows, columns or more from the board (these effects are increased when two power-ups are swapped).

Each hero has special attacks, which are charged by making matches in particular colors. For instance, Finn’s attacks are charged by making matches with blue symbols, and include the ability to clear one random column on the board. Depending on the character, these powers may remove all negative symbols from the board, add healing boosts to symbols and more.

Each level offers a variety of collectible rewards. For one, as players make matches, colorful keys appear on the board. When used in a match, these keys spawn matching treasure chests. When these chests are then matched, they’re collected for the stage. Players can replay stages for additional rewards, or to collect any treasure chests they missed the first time around. In addition, as players defeat enemies, they may randomly drop colored loot bags that must be used in a match in order to be collected.

At the end of each stage, heroes earn experience points, and players are rewarded with a variety of crafting ingredients which can be used in recipes to create things like healing potions, boosts to increase the power of special attacks, experience point items for leveling up characters and more.

Players can spend two currencies, Magic Dust or Hero Coins, to unlock additional characters for their team. However, these can only be kept and used during missions by adding them to the limited number of roster positions available for the player’s team. Gamers can spend Hero Coins to unlock additional roster spots, and can sell their excess heroes for free Magic Dust, the game’s lesser currency. It’s worth noting, these characters will only be available for a limited time if they’re not added to the actual roster or sold.

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.