AdvenChewers: Save your father with the power of bubblegum on iOS

Image via Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has today announced the launch of its latest iOS game, AdvenChewers. The game stars Kid, whose inventor father has been kidnapped by an evil general, who wishes to use his father’s skills to build equally evil flying machines. Kid must set out to rescue his father, using the power of special bubblegum to navigate rooftops and other environments to make progress.

AdvenChewers is level-based, with each stage playing like a side-scrolling endless runner that just happens to have an end. Players must avoid pits and obstacles while jumping and flying through the air to collect coins, birds and feathers. Birds give users another chance at the level if they happen to fall off screen, while a phoenix feather turns on invincibility mode for a limited time.

While Kid will run across the stage automatically, players can tap on the screen to jump, and double tap and hold to fly using bubble gum as the flying device. The longer the bubble is blown, the more likely it is to pop, sending Kid falling for a short time before he can recover. Missions are carried over across these stages, giving players three constant things to shoot for, and additional obstacles introduce new kinds of gum, like one that zaps enemies with electricity.

Image via Warner Bros.

Each level comes with its own leaderboard, allowing users to compare their scores against friends via both Game Center and Facebook integration.

While the app isn’t free-to-play, it does offer a traditionally free-to-play monetization system. Users can purchase additional coins with real-money, with coins being used to purchase different kinds of bubble gum and boosts in the store. One gum may allow players to attract nearby coins like a magnet, for instance.

AdvenChewers features 48 levels and 50 missions across six different worlds. The app is available as a universal download on iOS for $0.99. Check back soon to track the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.