Adults Work 30 Hours a Month of Overtime at Home: SURVEY

The Good Technology firm surveyed 1,000 working adults and found some disturbing trends about our mobile work habits. According to the survey, they discovered that “the average American puts in more than a month and a half of overtime a year – just by answering calls and emails at home.”

We’ve embedded an inforgraphic about the survey below and a video above–do you feel like you are doing too much overtime with your mobile devices at home? Check it out:

In a survey of US working adults sponsored by Good Technology, more than 80 percent of people continue working when they have left the office – for an average of seven extra hours each week – almost another full day of work. That’s a total of close to 30 hours a month or 365 extra hours every year. They’re also using their cell phones to mix work and their personal life in ways never seen before. While 60 percent do it simply to stay organized, almost half feel they have no choice because their customers demand quick replies. Thirty-one percent of respondents admit to continuing to work at home as they find it hard to ‘switch off.’ Half of Americans can’t even put their phone down while in bed, as they read or respond to work emails after climbing under the covers. (Via Mashable)