Adult Swim Games and Rocket Jump Deliver Major Mayhem on the App Store

After strong sales of Monsters Ate My Condo and Bring Me Sandwiches, Adult Swim Games has launched its latest iOS exclusive game, Major Mayhem. Developed by New Zealand startup Rocket Jump, the game is an homage to ’80s arcade titles, with a modern presentation.

Major Mayhem is both the name of the game and of its star, a brawny, bravado filled army soldier who’s going up against an army of ninjas who have, among other nefarious acts, kidnapped his girlfriend. Mayhem runs through three areas (the tropics, metropolis, and desert) each with more than a dozen levels. His running isn’t controlled by the player — rather, he runs before taking cover, at which point the player taps on targets as they pop out, a la a shooting gallery.

There are also obstacles along Mayhem’s path, which the player must jump over by tapping the screen. When shooting targets, Mayhem can hit them in quick succession to score a bonus, and shoot them quickly to get another for being a fast draw. Enemies attack Mayhem using shuriken, which will hit him if the player makes him leave cover at the wrong time. The action unfolds in a sharp, cartoon-like visual style that’s very smoothly animated, even on older iOS devices. Major Mayhem is a single player experience, with network features in the form of Game Center scoreboards.

Major Mayhem was developed in less than 12 months by Rocket Jump, a startup independent studio based in New Zealand. Rocket Jump was formed in March 2011 by Antony Blackett, who had previously worked at Sidhe, a prominent New Zealand based developer responsible for multiple console releases. Blackett was responsible for all aspects of the game’s development, having built it on the multi-platform Unity engine.

A universal iPhone, iPod touch and iPad app, Major Mayhem is available now on the App Store for $0.99. Since its launch at the end of October, the game has risen to No. 44 on the iPhone paid gaming apps chart and is currently at No. 19 on the iPad paid gaming apps chart.

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