Adult Swim Delivers Another Monster iOS Game in Bring Me Sandwiches

Adult Swim scored big with the first in its new series of iOS-exclusive titles, the puzzle game Monsters Ate My Condo, earning a Game of the Week pick from Apple and a spot in the top 10 paid apps. Now the publisher is back with another monster-packed title, with a very different style of play. Bring Me Sandwiches!!, from developer Grumpyface Studios, combines the platform game stylings of Super Mario Bros. with the crazy item collecting of Katamari Damacy for an experience that’s as wonderful as it is weird.

In the game, which is comprised of vibrant hand-drawn 2D visuals, players take control of a young fast food employee named Jimmy Nugget. Just when he thought that life at his minimum wage job couldn’t get any worse, a massive alien named Gourmo invades the Earth and started demanding sandwiches. Yes, it’s weird, as is the gameplay, but it’s also pretty refreshing.

As Jimmy, players run and jump through 29 side-scrolling levels packed with platforms to hop onto in a quest for the strangest sandwich ingredients. Jimmy starts out holding an empty slice of bread, on top of which players pile anything that’s not nailed down, from fire hydrants to hapless animals. As the sandwich grows, a meter displays how close it is to being large enough to satisfy Gourmo’s enormous appetite. The bread, and thus the sandwiches, grows larger as the game progresses, until players are stacking up entire buildings as their filling. Gourmo will also demand special ingredients, and players must track these down in the levels as they’re checked off one by one.

Four of the game’s levels are linear, automatically scrolling left-to-right like a classic platform game. The rest of the levels allow for a wide range of movement, with an indicator letting players know which direction Gourmo’s in. Objects can be moved to reveal hidden areas, and keys players find will open others. Stages span four locations on Earth — the U.S.A., Mexico, Italy, and Japan — plus one on another planet, once players have collected all 29 rocketship parts spread throughout the levels. Each level has three golden toast slices that can be earned for score, time taken to complete, and number of food spills.

In addition to building sandwiches and finding secrets, players can collect coins and must avoid characters out to do them harm. Birds will fly in and peck at the sandwich, causing ingredients to fall off. Children throw things at Jimmy. Getting hit causes the health meter to deplete, but players can luckily pick up items to replenish it. Should they fail to do so, or fall in a hole, they restart at the nearest checkpoint.

The $0.99 app is designed for iPhone and iPod touch. It features Game Center support for high scores and achievements. No in-app purchases are available for the title, and its developer hasn’t announced plans for future DLC.

Grumpyface Studios, based in Tempe, Ariz., is a privately funded developer founded in 2010. Before creating this title, it was responsible for the iOS-exclusive Wispin, which debuted in November 2010 and was chosen by Apple as its Game of the Week at the time.

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