Adult Industry Healthcare Clinic Gets Screwed, Shuts Down

AIM Medical Associates, a non-profit healthcare foundation that catered to the needs of adult industry performers, has closed its doors. AIM has faced a number of difficulties recently, most notably when their computer system was hacked and patient’s information was leaked online. AIM had also become the target of California health administrators, who demanded that the clinic reveal the identity of an HIV+ performer, despite it being illegal for AIM to do so.

And then there’s this, from the Free Speech Coalition:

AIM has suffered a two-year campaign waged by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and is currently a defendant in litigation associated with AHF involving patient medical privacy. AHF also has struck out at several companies and talent agents in their attempt to mandate condom use on adult sets.

Condoms in porn is good, we’ll give AHF that. But shutting down a healthcare clinic for the adult industry is BAD. Most porn actors are not wealthy stars. They’re struggling performers at the bottom of the entertainment industry food chain. They work in a largely unregulated industry that puts them at serious risk of disease, yet does not provide them with health insurance.

Still, the media remains largely oblivious to the healthcare void the closure of the AIM clinic creates for adult industry performers. As Adrien Chen of Gawker blithely remarks:

It’s probably a good thing AIM is being shut down – at least from a privacy standpoint.

Wonder if Chen feels the same way about the Sony PlayStation Network?