Adroit Digital: Over half of consumers plan to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts online or on mobile this year


Advertising company Adroit Digital has released its latest report, analyzing the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, and how mobile users plan to engage with their phones to research and buy presents online, and on their mobile smartphones and tablets.

The report targeted a random sample of US adults aged 18 or over, who own both a smartphone and a traditional computer. The study found 59 percent of consumers plan to purchase their Valentine’s Day gifts online this year, as opposed to heading out to stores.

The report showed men and women have different plans for the timing of their shopping activities, with 47 percent of men saying they’ll make their Valentine’s Day purchases during the first week of February, compared to only 27 percent of women. By the second week of February, the numbers flip, with 48 percent of women planning to make a purchase, and only 25 percent of men.

Tablet, mobile and online ads will play a big roll in consumers’ shopping habits during this year’s season of love, as 58 percent of respondents say these ads will influence their purchases. Furthermore, 36 percent of shoppers said they were 50 percent of more likely to respond to personalized ads than generic advertisements.

“The winning formula for retailers this Valentine’s Day is recognizing the significant role that online ads will have in influencing purchase decisions. Shoppers are more likely to buy online if the ads they encounter are personalized,” said Scott German, GM of Adroit Digital. “If that’s not taken in to account, then retailers stand to miss out on billions of dollars in a two-week window.”

In addition to personalized mobile ads, Adroit’s survey found discounts, coupons and free shipping will all increase sales, as 64 percent of respondents would actively seek another site for purchases if free shipping isn’t offered. In addition, 48 percent would choose another site if they didn’t see Valentine’s Day specials.

The full Adroit Digital Valentine’s Day report is available on the company’s website.

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