Adrien Brody Charms New York Times Reporter

Brooks Barnes has uncorked a breezy, admiring and – at times – hilariously opinionated profile of actor Adrien Brody for this weekend’s New York Times. We’re referring, in the last instance, to this paragraph:

He has a reputation in Hollywood as loyal and affable. Women seem to find him sexy, at least judging by the knockouts he dates.

And this one:

Mr. Brody was certainly ready to talk. And talk. At one point, I wondered if I had stumbled upon That Guy You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party.

Ha ha. Later on in the piece, Barnes notes that the actor’s forthcoming September 1 History Channel miniseries Houdini is anything but a karmic accident:

In the end, Mr. Brody — true to form — could not resist the chance to dig into a complex, tormented character. Harry Houdini had long been one of Mr. Brody’s favorite figures, dating back to his boyhood in New York City, when he put on magic shows in Queens as “The Amazing Adrien.” He went to magic camp, performed at children’s birthday parties and practiced on editors at The Village Voice, where his mother, Sylvia Plachy, was a photographer.

“I idolized Houdini as a kid,” Mr. Brody said, breaking into a crooked grin. “He was the original action hero.” (Obscure fact: Mr. Brody played a kidnapper named Harry Houdini in Oxygen, a little-seen crime thriller from 1999.)

Upon meeting Brody at the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood, the reporter found the actor to be multi-dimensional. A “funny, warm, sensitive” opposite to the impressions conveyed in that infamous 2008 Hello! magazine spread about the actor’s central New York castle purchase. The Rogers & Cowan rep who escorted Brody to the hotel for the interview must be doing cartwheels right now.

Read the whole thing here.

P.S. Brody’s mom currently contributes as a photographer to The New Yorker. This fall, she will be giving a talk at Norway’s SAGA Center for Photography.