Adrian Wojnarowski’s Site ‘The Vertical’ to Launch Friday

Get excited, NBA fans.

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowksi, one of the most well-regarded NBA reporters, plans to launch his NBA site The Vertical this Friday, Jan. 29.

In an interview with Katie Nolan, Wojnarowski gave his fans plenty of details about the new site.

The Vertical will debut with a behind-the-scenes look at an NBA team as it prepares for a regular season game. The piece will be penned by Michael Lee, who previously worked for The Washington Post. Chris Mannix, formerly of Sports Illustrated, will host The Vertical’s video features and JJ Redick, currently of The LA Clippers, will host a weekly podcast. That’s in addition to The Vertical podcast, hosted by Wojnarowski.

Wojnarowski has been with Yahoo since 2006. The New York Post reported that he recently signed a four-year contract extension with Yahoo that will pay him roughly $2 million a year.