Adrian Smith Gets Beautiful-ized


Boy, did this writer miss you readers. Sure, New York was fun to visit, but with any work trip, it’s a lot like putting in very long days back home, you just happen to be in a different city. By the end of each day, the thing most wanted to see in all of that great city was the hotel bed. But we’re back now, we thank Mary Beth, once again, for her terrific work, and for today, while we’re still getting situated, this writer would like to share some things he found interesting while away. First and foremost, while out and about yesterday, we heard “Hello Beautiful!” on Chicago Public Radio. If you’re unfamiliar with the wonderful show, it’s built around one central guest who stays the whole hour, talks about their work, and then also comments on the other stories they run. Sunday found famed architect, Adrian Smith, as the guest. The whole show is great, but if you’re a buff of the business of architecture, you’ll appreciate around the thirty minute mark, when Smith finally gets around to talking about leaving Skidmore, Owings and Merrill and starting his own firm. Also, as a little plug, the host of the show, Edward Lifson is this month’s guest editor over at Coudal, where this writer spends his days.