AdRBT Turns Ringback Tones into Ads

OnMobile, India’s largest value added services provider for all flavors of telecom companies, has launched its Ad RingBack Tones (AdRBT) mobile marketing platform with a leading Indian operator.

The system works like this: Callers to an AdRBT subscriber will hear an audio ad targeted to match their profile. Folks who are interested in the ad can respond to it instantly with a single key tap. Customers who opt-in to AdRBT will get special discounts and other offers from the operator.

OnMobile hasn’t said if it plans to offer the solution outside of India, but it did build AdRBT to support that country’s various regional languages.

AdRBT has interesting potential. There’s not much else for a caller to do while waiting for someone to answer the phone, so he might actually pay attention to the advertisement. We have to wonder, though, how it manages to target the ad to the caller, what happens if the call is answered while the ad is playing and if that instance counts as a full ad delivery, and if there’s any way for a caller to opt-out of hearing a commercial when he calls an AdRBT subscriber.

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