AdParlor Introduces CPI Acquisitions Tool Powered By Facebook Ads

Today, AdParlor is unveiling a new cost-per-install tool that allows Facebook Developers to purchase and drive installs of their application by leveraging the power of Facebook Ads. The tool allows a developer to set a fixed cost-per-install rate, and the AdParlor optimization engine creates hundreds of ads and dynamically adjusts bids to get installs at a lower rate. The tool is limited to a select number of AdParlor clients but will open up soon.

The race for installs is heating up on Facebook, and AdParlor’s new tool takes an innovative step into leveraging the Facebook Ad network. Typically, CPI networks work by attempting to drive installs across a banner network, and the amount of targeting and demographics available on those networks is still limited. For instance, if I were to purchase some installs on a given CPI network, it’s likely that they will blast advertising for my product across their network of disparate applications, and the quality of some of the users that install my application may not be of the target demographic I like. Companies like Offerpal work to remedy this by leveraging tools that ensure that the user of the application actually proceeds through the application, rather than just installing then leaving.

This is where AdParlor’s system can help improve the quality of installs. By leveraging the Facebook Ad network and it’s targeting abilities, application developers have a greater chance of getting the kinds of users they are looking for. Ali Merali, Business Development Manager for AdParlor explains:

“Purchasing ads directly from Facebook provides deeper targeting, additional volume, and highly
engaged users for our clients,” said Ali Merali, Business Developer Manager, AdParlor Inc. “Through the
Facebook Ads API, we have been able to build a product that will help developers better understand the
value of Facebook Ads. We will now allow them to purchase on a fixed CPI by country, and our algorithm
will optimize to get them as much volume as possible at their CPI bid.”

We’ll be watching to see how the new tool helps Facebook Developers, and will follow up with AdParlor in a few weeks. In the meantime, check out our recent audio interview with Hussein Fazal, CEO of AdParlor, here.

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