Adorable American Kennel Club Puppies Are Taking Over CleverCards

clevercardIf you’re a dog owner, your social network have just arrived, and with it, a greeting card option for your puppy love. Created by the American Kennel Club, WOOfipedia, is a place for dog owners and dog lovers to share photos of their lovable pet.

If the cute overload isn’t an incentive for you to join – consider this: the content shared on Woofipedia can be used to create AKC branded cards using the easy-to-edit software from mobile eCard app, CleverCard

By combining CleverCards’ best-in-show photo card editing and Facebook integration with exclusive WOOFipedia content, dog lovers can create printed or digital cards delivered through Facebook or Twitter to celebrate special events and everyday moments with their four-legged friends…

Members of WOOFipedia will also have access to exclusive sweepstakes and CleverCard contests, as well as branded WOOFipedia card designs that allow users to create and share cards with their on- and offline friends and family as often as they want, and preserve and revisit their treasured memories for years to come.

Here are a few sample cards from Woofipedia:


CleverCards WOOFipedia_Puppy Love

CleverCards WOOFipedia_Thank You

CleverCards WOOFipedia_Welcome