Adobe To Layoff 750 People & Focus On Digital Publishing Biz

Adobe is restructuring its business, giving up on trying to create flash for mobile devices, and instead focusing on digital media and marketing. As part of the restructuring, Adobe will lay off 750 full time employees in North America and Europe. According to a press release, the company is planning to invest in the company’s Creative Suite software, tablet-based touch apps and cloud-based software delivery, as well as more of a focus on HTML 5.

Shantanu Narayen, Adobe president and CEO, stated: “Our mission is to produce the world’s content and maximize the impact of that content. Adobe is doubling down in the Digital Media and Digital Marketing categories, markets rich with opportunities for innovation and growth.”

Last month Amazon announced that the Kindle Fire will support HTML 5 content, which was a win for Adobe. The tool helps publishers create multimedia content and with Amazon firing on all cylinders to promote the Kindle Fire, publishers are likely to explore more enhanced options in eBooks and digital magazines.