Adobe Reader for iOS, Android Updated with Cloud Support

When Amazon released the new Kindles last fall they added a number of new feature. One which I found immensely useful was Kindle Cloud; it enabled me to save my ebooks and annotations to Amazon’s servers and then transfer them to my other Kindles and Kindle apps.

Today Adobe announced updates which brought similar features to their Android and iPad apps. In addition to better support for forms, Asian text, and DRMed PDF files, these apps can now access the PDF files which you have uploaded to and download them so you can read, mark up, and continue to use them. Here’s how Adobe thinks you might use it:

If you’re reading a document on your laptop, but need to leave for the train, just save it to, and then open it on your phone or tablet. And if you make comments on the document, we’ll automatically save it back to the cloud from your device, as well.

But as neat as this feature is, I place more value on DRM support. There are many OS and Android apps which read PDF files, but there are exactly 2 apps which support the different types of DRM which can be found on PDF files. Only Adobe has released apps which support LiveCycle Rights Management; most of the other apps can only handle password protectedPDFs.

The Android app can be found in Google Play. The iOS app is coming soon, but it is still waiting on Apple’s approval process.