Adobe Photoshop, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer Arabia and others in this week’s top PTAT gainers among software pages

Adobe Photoshop is this week’s top gainer in the People Talking About this metric among software pages. The page has increased its PTAT over 275 percent over the last week.

The top 10 software pages gaining PTAT saw increases between 6,000 and 84,000 engagements. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

#NamePeople Talking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1   Adobe Photoshop113,628+1,484+83,356
2   Google Chrome81,015+9,698+34,552
3   Internet Explorer Arabia37,280+3,742+23,884
4   Autodesk Students28,834+9,057+21,161
5   Adobe Photoshop Elements16,598+2,508+15,421
6   Zombie Apocalypse Surviva…48,738+574+13,559
7   Smule36,762+3,296+8,946
8   Opera en Español25,9930+8,540
9   North Social7,452+99+6,181
10   MikvahCalendar.com9,816-1,976+6,167

According to the PageData graph, the page saw a huge 70,000 jump in PTAT between Sept. 28 and Sept. 29. Most of this engagement was earned by a photo post of a woman’s Photoshop toolbar tattoo. This post went viral and earned over 40,000 Likes, almost 10 times more than the next highest performing page post. This photo was originally published on Sept. 26, but over 12,000 shares helped the post maintain a long tail.

At No. 3 on this week’s list, Internet Explorer’s localized page for Saudi Arabia has seen steady growth over the last few weeks. The page, which is in Arabic, has shown focus on the gaming aspect of the browser. There is a high emphasis on classic Atari games with many posts being highlighted with large photos. Internet Explorer is still the leading web browser in Saudi Arabia which is likely why there is a localized page for Facebook.