Adobe Is Now Letting Marketers Tag and Track Social Campaigns

Bringing real-time analysis to organic content

Adobe has started giving marketers a tool it says will better help them track campaigns across platforms.

The company is letting Adobe Social clients tap into the data capabilities of Adobe Analytics to see how organic posts perform in real time across social channels. The feature, which launches today, lets marketers examine at scale how various types of content perform.

Using digital tags, or lines of code inserted to track content across the internet, the goal is to help create a more "digestible" way for marketers to understand what's performing well at a more granular level but a larger scale.

"At lot of it is coming from the fact that we're seeing through this convergence of social and content marketing happening within marketing as a whole," said Heidi Besik, group product marketing manager for Adobe Social. "Where content is becoming key to the social channel and there's greater demand for high-quality content and figuring out how do you create more engaging content to break through the noise and keep the noise of your brand."

If an advertiser wants to see whether they should post a 10-second video or a 30-second video tomorrow, they can use tags to look at how each length has performed in the past and when they performed best or worst.

Adobe gave the example of a sporting-goods retailer wanting to publish a series of videos about outdoor activities. By pulling up every video with a certain tag from the past, it could view those stats and also see if a winter sports video did better or worst than a summer sport. In a separate example, a food publication posting recipes to drive more attention to a website and mobile app could set up tags to see if an image of a final dish outperforms another that highlights one ingredient.

While the company has utilized campaign ID tagging for a while, the updates bring in a "new level of drilling down," Besik said. It's also the next step in automating analytics. She said what's being taken out of the equation is the bulk of manual labor. (Brands can also create custom metrics across channels to see what works best for them in terms of an engagement rates.)

"You'll just go into your dashboard and see for all of our creative, what type of creative works at scale," said Stephen Gould, product and marketing manager for Adobe Social. "That way, we're not looking at one post from last week that says, 'Hey, that was an infographic, and people seemed to like it—let's do another one.' Instead it's, 'Of all the content we're putting out, images of cats are killing it, so we're going to do more of that.'"