Adobe Flash Packager for iPhone: Native Flash Apps Coming to the iPhone

With the exception of Flash developers, here’s something else (in addition to a physical QWERTY keyboard) that iPhone users have not been clamoring for: Adobe Flash. In fact, in my experience, the only people who criticize the iPhone for not support Adobe Flash are people who don’t use an iPhone. However, as you might guess Adobe wants to get in on the huge iPhone market. So, according to TechCrunch…

This Will Be The Year Adobe’s 2 Million Flash Developers Come To The iPhone

If you are like me, your first reaction was “ugh!”. Big, slow to download, and often ugly Flash sites on iPhones? Fortunately, that is not the case. The iPhone still provides a protective field defending us from Flash based web sites. However, Adobe’s…

Packager for iPhone

…will lets ActionScript 3 projects run as native apps on the iPhone. These Packager apps will be available in the iTunes App Store just like other iPhone apps.

Will this be a good thing? Well, despite my dislike for the vast majority of heavy Flash-based sites, I will admit there are talented Flash developers. And, this could lead to some interesting ports of apps like Flash games to the iPhone. But, I predict this will drive both the total number if iPhone apps and totally useless apps.