Adobe Flash 10.2 for Android Coming Mar. 18: Enhancements Focused on Tablets (Xoom)

A quick search indicates I’ve given Adobe Flash for Android a lot of blog space over the past year despite the fact that I don’t have it installed on my phones and do not instend to install it. I gave it a try last year, did not like the experience at all, and uninstalled Flash from my Android phone. Here’s what’s been said about Adobe Flash for Android in the ThinkMobile blog so far.
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2010.05.25: Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta for Android OS 2.2 an Underwhelming Experience
2010.06.22: Adobe Released Flash 10.1 for Android. But, it Only Works with Android OS 2.2 (Nexus One only) – Meh
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2010.10.15: Adobe Flash Installed on a Mere 7.4% of Froyo Phones: Some Flash Sites Still Don’t Work
2011.02.22: Adobe Says: Flash Player 10.2 Pre-installed on Some Android Tablets, Downloadable to Others (do we care?)
Adobe Flash has become irrelevant to my mobile phone and tablet experience. On one hand, I’ve learn to visit web sites that do not require Flash on my phone or tablet (iPad). On the other hand, web sites that want traffic from people using mobile devices have learned not require Flash to view their content. The end result? I rarely find myself in the position of absolutely needing Flash to view something on my phone or iPad.
The official Adobe Flash Player Team Blog now reports that:
2011.03.11: Update on Flash Player 10.2 for mobile devices
They say that Flash Player 10.2 will be available as a production release for Android OS versions 2.2 and 2.3 on devices that meet their system requirements (list of smartphones and tablets here). But, wait! Note that hardware accelerated video presentation for H.264 and Deeper integration with the Android browser rendering engine is only supported under Android OS 3.01.
I won’t be installing Adobe Flash 10.2 on my Android phone.