Bing Searches Have Increased Nearly 50% in Europe

While Google is still the dominant search engine, an Adobe report indicates that Bing search has increased significantly worldwide.

Who uses Bing? Europeans, apparently…

As consumers spend more time online, digital advertising grows as well. With the increases in search engine and social network use comes increased revenue and a number of other benefits. According to a Q3 2014 report on digital global advertising from Adobe Digital, Bing has received a great deal of benefit from 2013 to 2014.

It’s impossible to talk about online advertising performance without talking about Google. Global spending on search ads has increased 22 percent year-over-year, Google’s click through rate increased 14 percent YoY, and Google’s cost-per-click has increased four percent.

More than 25 percent of all browser visits to websites have been referred by Google. Spending on Google Shopping ads increased by 35 percent YoY, which means more companies are buying shopping ads than search engine marketing ads.

Despite Google’s dominance, Bing has been performing well this past year. Spending on Bing SEM products increased 46 percent in Europe and 36 percent globally. Google grew only 13 percent in those same markets during the the same time period.

“In Europe, the Yahoo! Bing joint venture has not gained as much share as it has in the United States. Knowing where the competition is heating up allows marketers to seek ‘blue ocean’ opportunities in these less competitive markets,” the report notes, which is good strategy advice for any smaller service in a market dominated by a larger player.

Other trends of note include Facebook becoming a pay-to-play service for marketers. According to the study, organic impressions decreased 50 percent YoY. This may have caused marketers to redouble their efforts to get their message to consumers. Some markets, like media, increased their number of posts 100 percent from industry pages. Paid impressions are also up five percent YoY.

For more information on CTR increases, and how marketers are adapting to a changing market visit Adobe’s website.