Adobe Demoed High-end Unnamed Photoshop-like Product for the iPad

One of the frequent comments I’ve heard regarding Apple’s iPad since its launch in April 2010 is that it is a limited platform best suited for content comsumption and low-level consumer-grade requirements like dealing with email, viewing web pages, watching movies, and playing games. But a funny thing happened the year since it was released: The iPad became a device valued for its content creation capabilities too: Writing, playing music, drawing and photo editing as just a few examples. I’ve been using the (now) $1.99 Photogene to quickly edit photos and screenshots on my iPad. There are a number of very good photo editors and drawing apps for the iPad. But, if you’ve been waiting for Photoshop (not Photoshop Express) for your iPad, your wait may be nearing an end according to electronista

Adobe demos Photoshop for iPad with real layer support

electronista reports that Adobe demonstrated an iPad image editor that goes beyond basic level image manipulation features and filters in the free Adobe Photoshop Express for iPad. Like the desktop Photoshop version, the iPad product will have significant drawing features including paint mixing.

There’s no other information about this iPad image editor yet: No product name, no price, no availability date.