Adobe CreatePDF for iPhone & iPad Released: Not Well Received by Users So Far

Adobe’s Flash has long been unwelcome in Apple’s mobile world. However, its PDF file format is a mainstay and even supported as document type by Apple’s own iBooks app. A PDF file is, after all, one of the oldest ways to share digital documents. With the fifth generation of iPhone rumored to be available soon, Adobe has finally decided the time is right to release an app to create PDF files. The app is priced at $9.99 and named:


The actual heavy lifting for the PDF creation process is performed using Adobe’s online service. This means the iPhone or iPad needs to have a network connection in order for the app to work. It is not clear if the PDF created by the online service will download over a 3G connection if the file is larger than the 20MB file limit Apple imposes on app downloads or Audible, for example, imposes on audio book downloads.

CreatePDF preserves links, end notes, foot notes and creates bookmarks from Office documents and multimedia content in PowerPoint files. CreatePDF supports the following file format:

– Microsoft Word (docx, doc), Excel(xlsx, xls), PowerPoint (pptx, ppt)
– Adobe Illustrator (ai), Photoshop (psd) and InDesign (indd)
– Images – JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF
– RTF, Text and WordPerfect
-OpenOffice and StarOffice documents

The few people (7) who have provided customer ratings for CreatePDF are not very happy with it. Five of them (71%) gave it a one or two star rating. Customers are complaining of:

– Inability to open a PDF in an email (This not a feature of the app and is an expectation problem rather than an app issue)
– Lack of apps in sufficient numbers that supports CreatePDF’s “Open In” option
– Inability to work with Microsoft PPTX (PowerPoint) file format

Via 9to5Mac: Adobe unveils PDF creation app for iPhone and iPad