Adobe AIR for Android Announced – Flash Player Coming Soon

Video courtesy of Adobe

I hope Adobe Flash never appears on the iPhone. However, it looks like Adobe has mounted a full assault on the Android platform. You can watch it and Adobe AIR demoed on a Motorola Droid in the embedded video above.

Adobe announces Flash Player and AIR for Android

Press release: Adobe Unveils AIR on Mobile Devices; Readies Flash Player 10.1 for Launch

I must admit, by the way, that while I am against Adobe Flash running on mobile devices because of the “weight” of Flash heavy sites, I am a huge fan of Adobe AIR apps on the desktop/notebook/netbook. While I like AIR apps, I am not looking forward to seeing huge breaks in User Interface (UI) conventions on Android and other mobile platforms.

I was amused that Kevin Hoyt, the person demonstrating Adobe AIR on the Droid is using a MacBook Pro in the video. A subtle hint to Apple, perhaps?