Adobe Adds Annotation Features to Adobe Reader

There are any number of free PDF apps for iOS and Android, with some good and some bad. Today Adobe moved their app to the top of the pack.

If you ask Adobe, they’ll tell you that the biggest new feature is digital signatures. With this update you’re now able to add a signature to any PDF in the iOS or Android versions of Adobe Reader.That’s pretty cool, but in practical terms it’s a relatively minor addition. The new annotation features would seem to be far more useful, and so would the support for filling out PDF forms.

The previous version of the Android app didn’t support any annotation at all, and now you can use it to highlight, underline, and type text notes on PDFs. You can also scribble your notes on to the PDF and mark through the text on the page. What’s more, you have 10 colors to play with.

All in all, this is a major improvement to what had been a lackluster app.

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