Google’s AdMob is The Ruling Ad Network on Android Followed by Millennial, InMobi, Xyologic Finds

Berlin-based Xyologic, an app tracking company, went and looked at the ad networks that the top 1,000 most downloaded Android apps use. It turns out — and there’s no surprise here — that Google’s own AdMob is the leader, and by a longshot.

About half of the most-downloaded apps on the Android platform access a mobile ad or an ad exchange network through an SDK. About 89 percent of these use the Android SDK, followed by Millennial Media which reaches about 34 percent of the apps that have some sort of advertising SDK. Kleiner Perkins and SoftBank-backed InMobi comes in at 22 percent of the top Android apps that use a mobile advertising SDK.

AdWhirl, which is the mediation layer that AdMob acquired in 2009, reaches 17 percent of the top 1000 Android apps with an advertising SDK. Palo Alto-based rival Mobclix, which was acquired by Velti, has 15 percent. Mediation layers help developers incorporate ads from multiple ad networks and pick the ones that are going to pay them the most on an eCPM basis (or cost per 1,000 impressions).

The last handful of advertising companies like AdMarvel, Smaato, Burstly, Mopub, Nexage, Fiksu and Jumptap had comparatively negligible reach, with each having less than 3 percent of the top downloaded apps with advertising SDKs.

Less than one-quarter or 22 percent of the Top 1000 download apps on Android last month incorporated more than one ad network SDK. That means that half of the apps that do access mobile advertising networks use more than one of them.

Overall, the 1,000 apps that Xyologic looked at attracted 340 million downloads in October, about 54 percent of all Android downloads that month. Google last shared cumulative app install numbers in May, when it said the platform had seen 4.5 billion installs on a market base of 100 million activated devices. Yesterday, it revealed that the platform now has double that number with 200 million activated devices and we understand from a well-placed source that Android has passed 8 billion cumulative app installs.