Admins can now change their page URL without having to submit a request

Any Facebook page owner can now change a page’s vanity URL once without having to submit a request or work directly with a Facebook representative.

Previously, pages with more than 100 Likes could not change their URL unless they filled out a form, and that wasn’t always a guarantee that Facebook would accept the change. Now, Facebook has removed that contact form from its site and given page owners the option to change their URL a single time. To do so, users can follow this flow: Edit Page –> Update Info –> Basic Information –> Change Username.

Upon doing so, users are reminded that they can only change their username once. From this page, users can check the availability of their desired vanity URL. This is similar to what Facebook has allowed for user profiles since 2009.

Page owners, however, still cannot change the overall name of their page if they have more than 200 Likes.