New CEO Will Take Ten Photojournalists Over One Kardashian

Walter Delph says he has spent the past six months cleaning up the mess left behind by Charlie Sheen at social media PR firm The newly installed CEO tells Fast Company he is intent on forging a #winning formula that has little to do with fatuous celebrity zeitgeist.

The Kardashians are still free to use, of course, but the firm is looking to expand its roster to include less expected “publishing partners”… “GE, for example, will not be a good match for the Kardashians,” Delph says. “If we’re working with Nikon, for example, I’d prefer to have 10 photojournalists over one Kardashian [sister].”

A couple of early comments to the article question Delph’s take. They suggest that Sheen, regardless of the way the actor’s 2011 rants and raves eventually tailspinned, did the celebrity-Twitter-influencers outfit a huge launch phase favor.

The may be right. And since Sheen just got a 90-episode pick-up from F/X for Anger Management, it’s probably not the wisest Hollywood PR move to trash a performer headed for more company town-fueling syndication.