Adler Talks Design to Long Island Locals


The article is entitled “Top Design? He’ll Be the Judge” but they could have also gone with, and were probably on the cusp of using, “Local Boy Makes Good.” It’s a feature interview in Newsday, the Long Island paper, about part-time resident Jonathan Adler, one of the judges on Bravo’s new reality show, “Top Design.” They talk about the show, living on Shelter Island, how he’d describe his design style, etc. Your standard fare, but likely something you’re not going to catch on in a genre that doesn’t believe in a cut any longer than four seconds. Here’s a bit:

Well, for me, as a crazed fan, it’s been magic, exciting. And I’m certainly very familiar with the conventions of the genre. It’s fun to be there, making it happen. The funny thing is, I went there just excited to be doing reality TV, and I didn’t even think about what the design was going to be like, and it turns out the designers are incredible. That’s actually been really fun. It ain’t fake. It’s like really talented people, so my interest in what the designers are going to design has sort of trumped my excitement of just being on a reality TV set.