Adknowledge Launches Social2Web Integrated Monetization Solution for Off-Facebook Social Games

Super Rewards’ offer wall days on Facebook appear numbered as the July 1 deadline for mandatory Facebook Credits integration across all social games approaches, but parent company Adknowledge is prepared to expand its business off the platform with a new developer service called Social2Web.

This new service is billed as a viral monetization solution for developers to integrate into their off-Facebook social games. It provides developers with monetization options through display ads, offer walls, and direct payment methods via credit card or PayPal. The viral component comes from “incentivized invite” URLs that players can post to their Facebook Walls or Twitter, where each click generates in-game currency for the user who posted it.

As an additional service, Adknowledge also negotiates platform distribution options for its social game partners, potentially getting them a lower rate on credit card processing charges.

Bobby McFarland, Adknowledge’s director of Social2Web, explains that the partnership negotiation combined with the service’s ease of use empowers mid- to small-market developers that are perhaps dissatisfied with Facebook Credits.

“It enables the game developers to have a voice,” he says. “For example, if we set up a partnership with a portal at a certain [revenue] share, the developer can opt in or opt out of that portal. The focus of our solution is to go out and create hundreds of different outlets for distribution for these games. They can say no to this one, yes to this one, no to this one, if [any of the platforms’ fees] go above what they’re comfortable with, they can just not put their game on that portal.”

Buffalo Studios IT/Development Director Nicola Geretti has integrated Social2Web in its game, Bingo Blitz, which Buffalo currently runs both on Facebook and on its own standalone website. Geretti says that the incentivized invites have had a positive effect and that Buffalo is getting ready to deploy the game to other sites.

“We always meant for the game to be on Facebook and were looking for someone to help expand our horizon and see how the game would do,” Geretti says. “We’re phasing out the Super Rewards offer wall [on Facebook] in three days. We always wanted to have Super Rewards as a monetization partner. It has much more advanced tool set for tracking monetization. That’s why we want to stick with it, because we’re not satisfied with how Facebook dealt with refunds and fees [after integrating Facebook Credits].” Bingo Blitz currently has 965,000 monthly active users and 298,000 daily active users on Facebook as recorded by our traffic tracking service, AppData.