Adios Ana

Wonkette’s Ana Marie Cox is graduating to the world of the mainstream media–sort of. Meanwhile her namesake site will be taken over, as we reported yesterday, by a former assistant U.S. attorney/gossip blogger and another co-editor pulled from the massive revolving door of’s hired help/minions/slaves. The site hand-off will take place soon.

The Reliable Source reports that Cox just signed a new second book contract for “mid-six figures,” meaning that one hopes she’s well on her way to a lucrative career as a “real” writer.

Meanwhile her lead-off novel is getting not-so-great reviews. The New York Times yesterday called it “doubly conventional” and “tepid.” USA Today, meanwhile, said it “has a stripped-down story line and limited character development. The plot is predictable and matter-of-fact. But it does have a blunt, albeit tawdry, honesty.”

Meanwhile it’s amusing to watch Wonkette, currently being written by local blogger DCEIVER, avoid talking about the site changes.