Adios ABCNews Now

We’d be remiss today not to mark the final hours (for now) of ABCNews Now, which goes off the air at 12:01 a.m. tonight for “restructuring.” Our cousin TVNewser covered the news earlier in the week, and here’s the short version:

This TV Week blurb about ABC News Now suggests the future isn’t bright for ABC’s digital news channel. But this much better, much longer Broadcasting & Cable story says otherwise. The channel will be become permanent in the spring, after it takes a “breather” from TV, David Westin says.
“The division will spend the next few months hiring staff, hammering out distribution deals and strengthening programming,” B&C reports. “The network will invest $7 million to $10 million to beef up Now’s technical infrastructure, on-air look and personnel.” Also: “Distribution announcements are expected in the next few months as the company begins negotiations with cable and satellite distributors.”

More from Variety.

So, as they say in Fishbowl’s native Italy, “adieu but not goodbye” ABCNews Now. We’ll see you again soon.