Adidas Further Locks Up Its Branding in EU Courts


In a strange bit of intellectual property talk, Adidas has fought (and won) to not let anyone get anywhere close to putting stripes on similar products to those the company manufactures. They just succeeded in getting a new ruling through the EU courts saying that no one else can use their three stripes design and should you dare to even think about putting two stripes, don’t think they won’t come take a look to make sure you’re not getting too close to infringing their striped-ness. This victory gets them all the closer to locked up the whole of Europe from competitors looking to swipe some of their brand’s image. Here’s a bit:

Adidas welcomed the ECJ’s interpretation. “It strengthens the protection of famous trademarks in Europe, and will benefit us in the protection of our famous three stripes trade mark,” the company said in a press release.

“We do not seek to prevent the use of decoration, but the use of striped markings that confuse consumers, or cause them to make a link with our company and its famous trademark,” it added.