Adidas, Champs Sports Want You to Watch Their New Web Shows on Instagram

Episodic content, 15 seconds at a time

Don’t head to YouTube to check out Adidas' latest Web series. The sports shoes and apparel company partnered with Champs Sports to create four different online shows that will live on the Instagram but still mimick the TV-watching experience. 

#adicolorTV debuted on Friday and will run for six weeks. To tune in, viewers will have to head over to the champsports' Instagram page.

"Stories do not have to be long to be good. We know that high school kids are interested in bite size and easy-to-understand stories, hence the success of social media platforms like Instagram, Vine or Snapchat. #adicolorTV brings together a variety of fun and interesting content, with a creative mixture of sports and pop culture and in this case we are choosing to tell our stories on Instagram instead of a television," Kelly Olmstead, Adidas Sports Style director of brand marketing, said.

Lace Up will feature athletes like Dallas Cowboy's DeMarco Murray and Washington Redskins' RG3 wearing Adidas items, while Lil Jon will portray a high school science teacher in Elements of GAME. QVG is a spoof on the home-shopping channel experience, and The Stans is a sitcom about the shoe brand's classic sneaker, Stan Smith. And, it seems the brands will also be throwing up sports-themed content featuring its talent just for the fun of it. At least 25 episodes will be produced for the photo and video-sharing platform.

Scott Burton, Champs Sports director of marketing, added that rather than publish one video, the companies decided it was better to release the content in bite-sized clips. Burton said they felt it would be more sharable—and more importantly, rewatchable—with their target demographic of male, high school varsity athletes.

"To compete in a world with so much content and information, we feel these digestible nuggets offer our consumer short, yet memorable brand interactions on their terms," he pointed out.

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