Adenda launches lock screen engagement SDK for Android


Android engagement company Adenda has announced the launch of its software development kit (SDK), aimed at extending the use of mobile apps to Android device lock screens. The SDK allows developers to offer native app content on the lock screen, including full-page rich media notifications, advertisements, animated content and more.

Adenda says its product is more ‘advanced’ than those of competing lock screen display software developers, as it gives third-party app creators complete control over what to display on the lock screen, and when.

When implementing its SDK, developers have the option of creating their own layouts, or to use one of Adenda’s built-in designs. Android device users have the choice to opt-in or opt-out of seeing such content on their lock screens. If users opt-in to the program, they can swipe left to follow the content displayed on the lock screen, which may trigger the full app to open, an ad or general video to play, among other outcomes. If they’re not interested in the displayed content, users can swipe right on their screen to unlock their phone as normal.

“Today we are announcing an app that we think will change everything. By unlocking the Android lock screen for developers, we are providing new opportunities for monetization and user engagement,” said Adenda CEO Francis Doumet.

“Mobile developers don’t have to wait for the user to return to their app for engagement, which can take several hours, days or even weeks. They can continuously connect with their audience right on their Android’s lock screen and draw them back to their app sooner with incentives.”

In addition to triggering engagement by keeping apps at the front of users’ minds, developers have the option of rewarding users with virtual goods for enabling this lock screen technology alongside an app. More information is available on the company’s website.