Adele, Leo Messi, Games, “Titanic,” YouTube and more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook Pages

Musicians, sports stars, games, TV channels, social media platforms and the movie “Titanic” were on our list of the fastest growing Facebook Pages by Likes this week.

The musicians seemed to gain momentum by being nominated for awards and other activity, such as touring, while game Pages seemed to grow with the launch of the apps. Pages on our list this week grew from between 59,100 to 229,100 Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks Page growth across Facebook.

NameLikesDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1. Adele11,725,821+229,078+1,248,968
2. Leo Messi29,153,359+57,196+824,460
3. Bola3,203,494+759,516+780,759
4. Gambino Poker850,696+212+763,364
5. MBC Action815,379+279,293+686,504
6. MBC2821,875+251,685+670,453
7. Cooking Mama1,093,372+3,799+604,429
8. 趣味生活630,650+79,646+602,070
9. Bruno Mars15,256,895+96,156+600,894
10. MBC MAX644,949+198,498+536,326
11. Facebook57,869,909+86,971+526,722
12. Titanic12,416,283+84,289+525,616
13. Pitbull14,195,118+83,277+462,168
14. YouTube49,032,561+82,833+458,395
15. Titanic13,486,119+57,296+409,479
16. David Guetta26,472,639+73,411+403,011
17. FantaBook620,997-10+386,610
18. Rihanna48,770,414+59,254+368,599
19. Shakira43,720,295+62,687+367,892
20. MS Dhoni933,821+59,089+365,078

Adele’s Page grew by 1.2 million Likes to 11.7 million, after the singer was nominated for some music award. Bruno Mars grew by 600,900 Likes to 15.2 million, Pitbull’s Page grew by 462,200 Likes to 14.2 million as he’s currently on tour. Then DJ David Guetta’s Page grew by 403,000 Likes to 26.4 million, Rihanna’s Page grew by 368,600 Likes to 48.7 million and Shakira’s grew by 367,900 to 43.7 million.

Leo Messi saw big growth on his Page, 824,500 Likes, after he won the European Footballer of the Year award, pushing him to 29.1 million. Then cricket player MS Dhoni made the list with 365,100 new Likes to reach 933,800.

Game Pages made our list with fresh growth that in some cases seems to be related to somewhat recent game launches. These include Bola with 780,800 Likes to reach 3.2 million; Gambino Poker with 763,400 to reach 850,700; Cooking Mama with 604,400 to reach just over 1 million and FantaBook, which grew most of its 386,600 Likes in the span of two days to reach 621,000.

Then there were TV channels that made the list with frequent general posts and video posts. MBC Action grew by 686,500 to 815,400, MBC2 grew by 670,500 to 821,900, and MBC MAX grew by 536,300 to 645,000 total. the rest of the list included a Chinese entertainment Page,  趣味生活,  with 602,100 Likes to reach 630,700. Facebook’s Page grew 526,700 to 57.8 million, YouTube grew 458,400 to pass 49 million, the “Titanic” Page also made the list of 525,600 to grow to 12.4 million.