AddShoppers Social Commerce Platform Rolls Out Social Shopper Login Tool

AddShoppers, a leading social commerce platform for retailers, has expanded its offerings with Social Shopper Login, a new tool designed to bridge the gap between social login and ecommerce login.

This newest AddShoppers feature enables ecommerce merchants to allow logins and acquire user details from users’ Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, and Paypal profiles.

The Social Shopper Login tool solves three major problems that plague many online retailers: cumbersome account registration, tedious password memorization, and complex checkout forms.

Here’s what it looks like when integrated into an ecommerce site:

The Social Login Buttons let customers create an account on the site with the information already stored in their existing social networking accounts. AddShoppers reads the data from whatever profile the customer is logging in with and appropriately populates the form fields.

If you do any shopping at all, you know how frustrating it is to enter your shipping and billing information time and again. Chrome’s Autofill helps, but it’s not always exactly right.

And from a retailer’s standpoint, social networks drive traffic to ecommerce sites and result in conversions (read: sales).

The Social Shopper Login also makes sharing favorite items much easier, since the user is already signed in. And that sign-in affords additional valuable information to the retailer, from the customer’s birthday to his or her likes and interests.

If you have an ecommerce site and you’re interested in checking the Social Shopper Login tool out, AddShoppers offers a free 30-day trial with access to its full roster of services. Additionally, they’re raffling off a free 6-month Pro user account ($600+ value). Just tweet about the new release of the Social Shopper Login to be entered to win.

(Online shopping image via Shutterstock.)

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